Coleman Creek Road area homesite development or land for sale in the vicinity of Deer Trail Lane (an easement-constrained private road) and Big Buck Road (an easement-constrained private driveway off of Deer Trail Lane)

Medford Phoenix Talent area, Jackson County Oregon

NOTICE to potential purchasers, developers, and other interested parties

Property owners / marketers / developers may be making claims regarding legal access utilizing Deer Trail Lane to development properties / buildable lots / vacant land for sale that may include the following listed lots and properties located in the Coleman Creek area of Medford, Phoenix and Talent Oregon.


BUYER BEWARE that the parties currently in possession of these properties only have legal access via the easements that were part of their purchase of these properties, or other easements they may have since obtained. Be aware, regardless of representations made or claimed by the selling property owners, said access does not include any access over Deer Trail Lane, a 100% privately owned road providing access to specific residences and parcels not associated with the developers.

Be aware that access to any land for sale involving the following lots is only by way of those easements the selling property owners can prove or provide across their own land. These lots are commercial forest and woodland resource lands, with access over the private roads owned by others for hauling and occasional forest management activities only given via written permission for very specific timeframes, very specific purposes, and very specific requirements, but historically not more often than once every 15 years. Other than the specific legal access directly from Coleman Creek Road that may have conveyed with the property prior to recent subdivision, there are no easements by necessity, prescriptive easements, or other rights involving access to these properties utilizing access across other landowners, including any part of Deer Trail Lane. Any interested parties need to do due diligence and obtain legal disclosure from the sellers that the present owners are providing deeded access over all of the roads owned by and improved by the sellers directly to Coleman Creek Road across all of the sellerís adjacent properties and ownerships that have been created through this subdivision process, and that the sellers properly disclose that buyers of these properties cannot utilize Deer Trail Lane in any manner.

The following lots do not have rights to access or permission to utilize Deer Trail Lane in any capacity (this is not an exhaustive list); any use of Deer Trail Lane for access to these properties is strictly prohibited, and any homesite approval by Jackson County will be contingent on easement access not utilizing Deer Trail Ln:

  • T38S R1W SECTION 20 LOT 1900 381W20 1900 NOTION LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 20 LOT 1901 381W20 1901 SAGN LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 20 LOT 1902 381W20 1902 HANKUS LLC (AKA KANKUS LLC)
  • T38S R1W SECTION 20 LOT 1903 381W20 1903 A INCH LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 20 LOT 1904 381W20 1904 JDRAEGER LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 20 LOT 1905 381W20 1905 WACONDA LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 29 LOT 400 381W29 400 STAMPER LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 29 LOT 401 381W29 401 JOE BEN LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 29 LOT 700 381W29 700 STAMPER LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 29 LOT 701 381W29 701 WEAK LLC
  • T38S R1W SECTION 32 LOT 200 381W32 200 STAMPER LLC